College Council recommends civility statement removal

By Will Hebert


At a Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees business meeting on Jan. 18, College Council chair and LCCC coordinator of justice studies, Jodi Weppner, recommended the current civility statement be removed from the college catalog.

Weppner said there was concern about the statement being misused as a disciplinary device or a way to end conversations. She said the council recommended the current civility statement in the student handbook, which was different from the one in the college catalog, remain as it was.

Weppner said College Council would like the college to remove the current civility statement because civility aspects had been incorporated into other statements.

"There's been agreements straight across the board about removing the civility statement as it stood in the college catalog and tying it in with the other statements," Weppner said.

Weppner said this tied in well with the realigning of the mission, vision and values statement adopted last May.

She also said concerns were also raised about scholarship changes that will take effect in the fall 2012 semester. Weppner said College Council had been meeting with Grant Wilson, interim vice president of student services, and other members of student services. The council has not made any formal recommendations but will probably recommend a clear enrollment management plan be put forth, Weppner said.

Later, the board went into executive session to discuss a personnel issue.


College Council chair Jodi Weppner speaks to the board about the civility statement.

Photo by Charlette Lessenger