ANGEL to be replaced by 2014

By Kali Tardif
Social Media Editor

Every Laramie County Community College student knows about Angel. It is where students find deadlines, upcoming assignments and makeup work. Angel also lets students contact their teachers and submit assignments electronically.

Angel is LCCC's Learning Management System (LMS), and it provides students with an online, virtual classroom that gives students the class content, assignments, class syllabus and a discussion board among other several features an actual classroom can provide.

However, Angel was bought by another LMS company called Blackboard and will no longer be supported by 2014. So LCCC organized a committee last fall to find a new LMS for the college to use. The committee is comprised of staff members, teachers and one student representative. It will collaborate and survey students and faculty learn to what functions are most sought. The committee sent a survey to every faculty member and student at LCCC and received more than 500 responses. The committee will review the results of the survey and look at six different learning management systems that are in LCCC's budget. This was slated to take place the end of January.

After reviewing the each LMS, the committee will select three finalists to come to LCCC sometime in April, so the faculty and students can hear the presentation and try the learning management systems. Then, the faculty and students will give their input on each system. The whole process will take about two years.

Les Balsiger, Center for Learning Technology director and a member of the learning management system committee, said they want to choose a new LMS by next fall semester and have a few instructors using the new LMS in their own courses. He also said the committee has a strategy to start migrating all instructors to the new system.

Trina Kilty, a member of the committee and also a full-time instructional designer, and Balsiger said the new management system needs to be easy to use, easy to work with media, featured on a mobile application or easy to use on a smartphone, and within LCCC's budget. Overall, the committee wants to include all LCCC instructors and students with the decision.

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