Dec. 7, 2012, 3:44

Welcoming interim to overhaul financial aid department

Laramie County Community College welcomed a fresh face Dec. 4 in the form of a new interim director of financial aid.

In an email from Judy Hay, vice president of student services, Rodney Dunn was introduced as the newest addition to the LCCC campus. Hay said Dunn “has been consulting in this field for the past 2+ years” and has spent 30 years in the financial aid administration field, a majority of which was spent at the University of Idaho. His extensive experience in a mass array of student affair areas made him a favorable candidate for the vacant position. Dunn will join the campus as soon as possible.

At the Nov. 28 LCCC Board of Trustees’ meeting, the trustees approved the administration’s entering into a contract with EC Group, LLC for financial aid oversight and policy development because the group was already conducting an audit of the LCCC financial aid program. President Dr. Joe Schaffer said with the financial aid director, Jennifer Almli, leaving her position and with another position in the financial aid office open, LCCC needed help immediately.

Hay said at the meeting the director of the financial aid office was leaving to take a job closer to her home, one of the financial aid technicians is on maternity leave, and the another technician position is open. She said Dunn will fill the director position. Schaffer said at the meeting this interim will not fix all the problems in the financial aid office, but “when they leave, we will have a road map to follow to get in the right direction.” He added the professional help would be a great opportunity for LCCC while the college looks for new people to hire for the positions.