Jan. 23, 2013, 10:38 p.m.

Giving nonpaying students a boot leaves shoe for paying student to fill

Laramie County Community College students who have not made any payments for their schooling received an email on Jan. 22 warning them that they have a week to make payments or make a payment plan. This includes students from the Cheyenne campus, Albany County Campus and any University of Wyoming student who is also enrolled in LCCC.

Students who received the emails were on a master list. Carol Hogland, vice president of administration and finance; Sabrina Lane, accounting compliance supervisor, and Pam DeMartin, assistant to the director of accounting services, were part of a team who reviewed the master list and removed any students who receive financial aid or other payment plans. Next, they sent the list to the student records staff, who reviewed the list and dropped the students who were left on.

Bringing it back

Dropping students for nonpayment hasn’t occurred since 2009. The process returned when the accounting office at LCCC had the option to make a new master list at the beginning of fall semester 2012. Hogland said dropping a student will take him off the class roster and make room for students who are on a waiting list.

Lane added it’s common to see students who don’t make any payments not come to class. It’s hard to determine if this will have any effect on enrollment; however, LCCC officials would like to make sure each seat is filled and any student who desires to learn has the opportunity.