Mel Hamilton's presentation postponed

Mel Hamilton’s Feb. 18 presentation for the Gerald and Jessie Champers Speakers Series has been postponed. 

Hamilton will be unavailable because of a family emergency. Currently, no future date has been set for the presentation. 

Hamilton was a member of the “Black 14,” which was a group of students removed from the University of Wyoming football team for protesting religious policies at a game against Brigham Young University by wearing black wristbands on Oct. 17, 1969. The students were protesting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ policy of preventing black men from holding position in the priesthood.
The players were warned of the coach’s rule prohibiting participation of athletes in demonstrations. When the coach, Lloyd Eaton, found them as a group and noticed the armbands, he moved the players to the stands and removed them from the team.