Posted at 10:10 p.m. Jan. 14, 2014

Board approves three policies

Laramie County Community College’s Board of Trustees approved by general consent three policies proposed during a board meeting Jan. 15.

The administration released a document summarizing the policies presented.

The first approved policy was Accounting Policy No. 4.1. This policy provides guidelines for the processing and management of the college’s budget and financial documents.

The second approved policy was Investment Policy No. 4.6. This policy’s purpose is to guide the investment of public and student monies entrusted to the college in an effort to ensure security and investment returns.

The third approved policy was Audit Policy No. 4.7. This policy was created as a guideline for the college’s president to ensure the college’s financial statement is audited annually in accordance with the Wyoming Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act.

The board also heard on first reading the descriptions of two new policies and the revision of one more. The first, the Academic Appeals Policy, was created to provide students with an appeal process in the event they are dissatisfied and/or issued an academic sanction.

The second was the Degrees and Certificates Policy. This policy’s intent is to clarify the degrees and certificates offered by LCCC as well as define their purposes.

The third policy heard was the Policy Development and Approval Procedure 1.2.11P Revisions. Originally adopted by the board in 2012, this policy provides the steps to propose a new policy or procedure or make modifications to a current policy or procedure. The revisions to be reviewed would give the president the power (in certain situations) temporarily to amend an existing policy or procedure, adopt a new policy or procedure, or revoke (either in part or in whole) an existing policy or procedure. These policies will be reviewed for approval at a later date.

In other news, the board:


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