Students can eat healthy, cheap

Those who are hesitant about popping that Hot Pocket in the microwave may be in luck.

Ami Kennison, Laramie County Community College cooking instructor and owner of Kennison's catering, said students can spice up some foods and make healthier choices.

"College students like to eat what they've grown up with. They eat like crap because it's cheap," Kennison said. Instead she suggested students eat cheap and healthy. Salad wraps, lettuce cups and chicken at the grocery store are cheap and healthy products to buy.

She said students can improve ordinary foods by adding different ingredients.

"An easier way to remove ramen noodles, tomato soup and canned pasta from their diet is to scratch off canned pasta because it's filled with salt and to just cook ramen and add a better sauce," she said. "Try cooking ramen and add in stir fry vegetables and chicken. It's a healthier way to eat faster."

Kennison said some foods that are easy to experiment with and are quite pleasing are sandwiches and soup.

"You can turn any meal you love into a sandwich." Kennison said.

She suggests students try a sandwich called a paella burger. Its contents are as follows:

Kennison said, "College students either gain 20 pounds or lose 20 pounds when they go to college." She suggested they just buy cheap and healthy groceries and create their own healthy recipe instead of eating fast food.

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