Locals line up for Cruisin Thru

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When students see the Cruisin Thru at 504 Central Avenue, they may not realize they are looking at an old-fashioned drive-thru burger joint.

Many construction workers, office workers and locals around the area seemed to have been in the know about this place for a while and have kept it to themselves. This is one of its charms.

About Cruisin Thru

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It has been in business since 1954 under various names, the most famous one being In & Out Burger. There have been some legal issues with the name because it has been patented to a California burger place.

So that's how it got the name Cruisin Thru. Today it is family-owned. Kathy Martinez, the owner, used to work there part time when she was a student at Central High. The kitchen hasn't been updated in years, but it works just the way it should. The freezer surely is still in the 1950s; once again it all plays into the charm and ambience of the Cruisin Thru.

It is open from 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday.

The Menu

Now let's get down the menu. How about a single chili burger for $2.85 or a double cheeseburger for $3.05 or chili cheese fries for $3.50? There aren't many places left where you can get a burger, fries and a drink for less than $10.

This is the around the corner burger place so many of us grew up with, and which seem to be close to extinction right now. This is the burger joint where our parents and grandparents drove through on their way to the drive-in movie theater. There is some town history to the Cruisin Thru.

So next time students drive south on Central Avenue, they may want to keep their eyes open and cruise on thru.

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Cruisin Thru