'Silent House' adds new voice to horror genre

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SEATTLE—Horror movies have a tendency to be the same done over and over, but "Silent House" offers a new psychological twist to the genre that is hard to pull off in an industry saturated within frights and gore.

"Silent House" opened with a beautiful overhead shot of the scenery and leading star Elisabeth Olsen. That set the bar for the interesting way this movie was shot, and the bar never lowered.

"Silent House" was a visually interesting movie with the right amount of suspense and heart-stopping frights that jumped out. My only problem with it was it lacked truly exciting dialog between the characters.

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Directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau delivered this independent movie in a unique, consecutive shot concept, and they pulled it off very successfully. Even though it wasn't really shot in just one shot, they made it seem that way, and that was incredibly admirable to see during a screening March 1. Even Olsen, despite a little overacting and lagging dialog, delivered an interesting show and dragged the audience into her character's world.

Directors find new way to develop characters

I also liked that Kentis and Lau delved more into the mind of the character with symbolism and interesting shots more than the typical gore that is normally found in horror movies. Even the end had a twist that kept the audience guessing.

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Kentis and Lau delivered exactly what they intended: suspense and a unique feeling to a typical horror movie with emphasis on focusing on one character and her journey through this psychological roller coaster. As a fan of horror movies, I have to admit I have never seen one done quiet in this way, and that was a great feat to accomplish in a movie genre I feel is always overdone in the same way.

So, in the end, overall, this was not my absolute favorite horror/psychological thriller movie, but it wasn't the absolute worst I have ever seen. I liked that it was completed in a way never done before, and it was portrayed successfully. B

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