Posted March 2, 2012 at 3 p.m.

VP: Book rental error not to have lasting effects

Collection letters sent to Laramie County Community College students because of a mistake with the LCCC bookstore rental program will not affect those students' credit scores, said LCCC's interim vice president of student services.

Interim Vice President Dr. Grant Wilson said normally collection letters do affect credit scores. However, if students who received a letter contact LCCC's director of contracting and procurement, Jerry Harris, the letters will not have a lasting impact on students.

"The company is making it right, so if anybody gets one of those collections letters, they need to let Jerry Harris know immediately, and he will contact the bookstore company," Wilson said. "But it's just some students could be receiving a really nasty letter from a collection agency saying, 'You owe this much money.'"

Harris said in a campuswide email March 1 the error occurred because the previous bookstore manager failed to complete a step in the textbook rental process.

"Since this may impact many students, please ask your faculty and staff to notify students who have received a letter from a law firm in Florida that this is bogus, and they need to contact me immediately," Harris said in the e-mail. "In the meantime, please know that I am working as quickly as possible to correct this matter and have made this a priority."

Vice President Wilson said the bookstore is aware of the problem.

Students can contact Harris at 307-778-1280 or at