Lily Crawford posing with her horse

Perfect pair

Lily Crawford poses with her horse for a quick photo opportunity.

Photo by Matthew Laubach

College equestrian riders spur into semifinals

Laramie County Community College equestrian riders Kayla Fisk and Lily Crawford each have qualified for the Western semifinals to be held March 24 and 25 in Harrington Delaware.

This came after great showings in the regionals held in February at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Since then, they have been in preparation for the event; each rider has continued to work on patterns, and Lily Crawford continued to compete in the English style.

Coach Lanae Koons said she felt as though the long wait for the semifinals as well as the change in arenas will have no effect on how the two riders compete. They will travel to the university a day early and will be able to get a feel for the environment.

Turning to the hunt-seat competition, Emily Hamilton, the lone remaining rider to qualify during regionals held Feb. 27, has been hard at work and also has been practicing her patterns. She is set to compete in the English semifinals April 7 and 8 at Stanford University, which will be designed the same way as the Western semifinals.

Overall, the season has gone quite well for the three sophomores who have made it to the semifinals.

"It all has to do with understanding the commitment and practice it takes to compete at the level they have," Koons said.

The rest of the team will continue to meet during practice times and will begin volunteering as a group at the COMEA shelter in downtown Cheyenne in early April. They will likely work in the kitchen and help serve meals, just as the team has done in the past years; however, as far as practices and events go, the team is finished for the season.

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Lily Crawford getting some coaching from Lanae Koons

Always room to improve

Lily Crawford takes a moment to get feedback on her practice session from barn manager Travis Shoopman (left) and equestrian coach Lanae Koons (right).

Photo by Matthew Laubach

Lily Crawford practicing her patterns

Takin' it easy

Lily Crawford practices her patterns while coach Lanae Koons(right) and barn manager Travis Shoopman (left) look on.

Photo by Matthew Laubach