1:53 p.m., April 9, 2013

‘Sketches of Bali’ to broaden horizons

With a planet filled with multiple and distinct cultures, one universally shared form of expression is music. Even with the multitude of types, music is a constant representation of cultural ideas. Experiencing these different cultures through their music is a great way to broaden people’s cultural horizons, and that is exactly what can be expected from the “Sketches of Bali” Indonesian ensemble concert.

The concert is performed by a community group of 22 performers, Gamelan Tunas Mekar, founded in 1988. Based in Denver, Colo., and under the direction of Balinese composer I Made Lasmawan, the group performs indigenous music from the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Some special emsembles that will be featured in the concert will be a gamelan angklung, a traditional Indonesian ensemble made up of a variety of instruments that are meant to be a distinct entity and are built and tuned to be together, www.tunasmekar.org described; the semaradana orchestra; and a gender wayang, an ensemble of four instruments, traditionally, music that accompanies the shadow puppet plays of Bali, www.tunasmekar.org described, among others.

Group will expand communities horizon

Laramie County Community College instructor of instrumental music, Gary Hall, said this unique group is being brought to Cheyenne because “it’s always good when we can bring in groups to the community that can expand cultural horizons.”

Incorporating traditional costumes and dance along with unique instruments, the concert will transport the audience to Bali and show them a new culture and musical experience unlike any other.

The group’s appearance will be made possible by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle through the LCCC Foundation.

“The audience will be able to hear and experience a new culture and a different presentation of musicality,” Lisa Trimble, director of alumni affairs and event planning in the LCCC Foundation, said.

The concert will take place on Thursday, April 11, at 7 p.m. in the Cheyenne South High School auditorium located at 1213 W. Allison Road.

For more information visit www.tunasmekar.org.

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