Chris Corriveau
Chris Corriveau gets in some studing time between class and work.

Allie Hurley

11:12 a.m., April 9, 2013

Security officer has double duty

Laramie County Community College Campus Safety officers must deal with different types of problems on the campus. But as a returning student, one officer must take care of homework as well as the “shenanigans” that come with serving with campus safety.

Chris Corriveau, a part-time campus safety officer at LCCC, was born in Cheyenne and is a graduate from LCCC, earning an associate’s degree in criminal justice in 2006. After graduating, he worked for five years at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office in Greeley, Colo., as a guard. He decided to move back to Cheyenne in August to study computer science.

When he returned to LCCC, Corriveau took a job with campus safety. He said his dream is computer crime investigation, combining his passion for computer science with his criminal justice experience.

As a safety officer, Corriveau must maintain a secure environment and uphold the rules and policies of the college, as well as prevent damage to or theft of property. He patrols the campus and ensures there are no “funny smells, and nothing’s burning,” Corriveau said.

Because he works the late shift, Corriveau is usually patrolling on foot or in the modular building. He might not be seen by most students because the late shift runs from midnight to 8 a.m.

However, his job isn’t always peaceful. One night, he had an encounter with a raccoon prowling in the bushes. On another evening, Corriveau and a fellow officer had to wrangle a loose horse.

If students have questions, Corriveau said he doesn’t mind talking with them. Whether you see him as a student or as an officer, he said he’s here to keep the college safe.