10:51 p.m., March 6, 2013

Downtown housing needs more research

On the short list of subjects discussed at the Laramie County Community College board of trustees meeting on March 6 was the proposed downtown off-campus housing project. In addition to the student surveys conducted last November and December, a focus group study was conducted by the LCCC office of institutional research in February of this year.

Out of 58 students who had shown willingness to be a part of these focus groups, only 17 actually participated. A line in the report said: “While the information provided by focus group participants can guide planning efforts, no decisions should be based solely on the results presented [in this report]. This is especially the case when participation rates are so low.”

LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said the study still revealed information on the basic feelings, interest and possible needs of students that would inhabit such an off-campus residence.

Trustee and former Cheyenne mayor Don Erikson said he was “not comfortable” moving forward to planning the project with the current level of study and suggested that the institution wait for further action until the other focus group studies, which are expected during the following weeks, are completed.

President Schaffer agreed with Erikson and clarified that the intention of the administration would be to use information gathered by the current report to help answer further questions as the last leg of the exploration process. “So that if [Hynds Capital Core Project] came to us tomorrow,” Schaffer said, “we could tell them what requirements we’d have” and see in what way the group could fulfill those requirements.

Schaffer added, “I think we’re quite a ways away before I would ask you to commit to anything as the board of trustees.”

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