12 p.m., March 8, 2013

Western team has three riders traveling to New York for semi-finals

Three Western riders are headed east for the semifinals in yet another leg of their journey this season, while for others the journey has ended.

Kayla Fisk, Kelsey Jenkins and Jessie Johnson will travel to Syracuse, N.Y., on March 23 and 24 for Western riding semifinals. The hunt seat riders will not go to zones this year but came very close.

March 1 and 2, the Laramie County Community College equestrian team was busy traveling from one regional competition to the next. The riders had to place in the top two of their class in order to advance to Western semifinals and hunt seat zones.

The team’s Western riders traveled to Curtis, Neb., on Friday, March 1, to compete in Western regionals hosted by the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

The team’s hunt seat riders traveled to Fort Lupton, Colo., on March 2 to compete in hunt seat regionals at Fall River Farms.

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