SGA elects two senators, member at large

The Laramie County Community College Student Government Association has recently elected two new senators and a member at large.

Keenan Carroll and Bill Dallas have been selected for the two new senators joining the SGA organization. The new member at large, who is a non-voting member of SGA, is student Logan Peel.

SGA has also discussed potential speakers for the graduation of 2014. Nominees for graduation are political figures, successful business leaders of Cheyenne, professional football players and other well-known figures. The speaker has not been selected, but the number is being narrowed.

The association also discussed the new advisers, and the advising system being revamped for upcoming students. The new system is currently being tested on the student-athletes. The administration hopes to have a student be paired with the same adviser until he graduates so that a relationship between advisers and students is created.

Lastly, SGA is reviewing a new election process, which will be set into play in the fall.


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