New student planning director advises
early registration is key to avoiding rush

Students at Laramie County Community College need to start the steps for registering for the 2014 summer and fall semesters.
LCCC Registrar Stacy Maestas said the registration date for currently enrolled students begins April 15. Open registration for all students begins April 22. Classes are cancelled Tuesday, April 8, so that students can meet with advisers.

But the new director of student planning and success said the process doesn’t start until April 15. “Students should start meeting with advisors as soon as the schedule comes out,” said Dr. Kathryn Flewelling. “Having a solid plan in place is crucial for being prepared when registration opens.”

Flewelling said participating in early registration is important for several reasons.

Some students may think payment is due the day they register, but LCCC likes to give students time to figure out their financial situation. Maestas said payment for summer is due by May 12 and payment for fall is due by Aug. 1.

Flewelling said an adviser would best serve students if they came to their appointments prepared to participate in the meeting. The most important material to bring to an appointment would be a printed transcript of the courses they’ve taken.

Flewelling asked students to look at the program in the catalog before their appointment, know what they need to take and be familiar with different course options.

Another key factor is to prepare questions for the adviser. “Advisers love helping students decipher their paths,” Flewelling said. “But they will not simply tell a student what to do.”

A new three-credit-hour freshman seminar course is in development at LCCC now. It will be a part of the reworked general education core of courses, and new students will take it when they first come to the college. Flewelling said it would assist students in learning about college and planning for success. 

“Students will be exposed to lots of different areas of education that they may not come across in their educational journey,” Flewelling said. “It will be a very beneficial experience for students and hopefully prepare them better for their college careers and their lives thereafter.”

Stacy Maestas

Kathryn Flewelling