Volleyball recruiting, the name of the game

Laramie Country Community College’s new head volleyball coach has been busy recruiting players for the 2014 team.

“My recruiting strategy is to find girls that already have a high IQ, good knowledge of the game and a good skill base so that we can hit the ground running,” Austin Albers said.

Many teams at LCCC are recruiting for the new season. Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation Pete Cautilli said it’s the responsibility of each individual coach to use his resources wisely. “Some may need a bigger geographic region just because of population and talent level,” Cautilli said. “There’s a lot that goes into it, and each coach really has to be organized and have a good idea of what goes on in their sport.”

To recruit new players, the volleyball coaches attend show tournaments, which gives them an opportunity to see talent from other states they wouldn’t normally be able to see. “Showcases allow us make ourselves visible and get our name out there,” Albers said.

As the season rolls around, players are continuously being signed and the LCCC team is growing stronger, Albers said.. “With the players that we have, I think that we could have a 21 season and have a winning record,” Albers said. “I don’t see any reason that we wouldn’t be able to have a successful winning season.”

Cautilli said the first week Albers was at LCCC he had seven student-athletes lined up to visit, and within that time, LCCC signed five new players.

“At the two-year level recruiting is the name of the game because essentially half of the team is moving on each year,” Albers said.

“So rather than at a four-year where they are recruiting one or two players a year, we’re recruiting seven or eight,” Cautilli said.

“You really have to have a good recruiting base, know what’s out there and know what you need,” he said.

The fall 2014 volleyball team will be very athletic, quick and bouncy, Albers said.

“We aren’t going to have the most size but we will have players that understand the game at a level that allows them to still be dangerous and effective,” Albers said. “I think we will be one of the most athletic teams and the most volleyball knowledgeable teams out there.”

LCCC signed volleyball players:

•    Whitney Shwver—5'8"—Roosevelt High School
•    Aspen Olson—5'9"—Roosevelt High School
•    Shelby Johnson—5'8"—Campbell County High School
•    Hannah Huus—5'11"—Campbell County High School
•    Emma Murphy—6"—Laramie High School

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