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SkillsUSA offers vocational opportunities

Skills USA officers:

From left, Robert “Frankie” Lafaso, adviser; Robert Benning, adviser; RJ Johnson, public relations; Grady Mikesell, vice president; Bryan Belknap, secretary; Steven Southards, president; and Seth Robbins, adviser, are active with SkillsUSA.

Dalton Lopez

Clubwise SkillsUSA
When: Thursdays, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m., Auto Diesel Building, Auto Room
Who: Students—Vocational practiced student-focused but anyone can join.
Fees: Free for students
Contact: Advisers—Robert Lafaso, 778-1197; Seth Robbins, 778-4360; or Robert Benning,
Officers: President, Steven Southards; vice president, Grady Mikesell; secretary, Bruan Belknap; treasurer, Shira Marus; public relations, Richard Johnson.
Purpose: A club working toward traveling to Casper every year and Gillete to compete in state contests. SkillsUSA is designed to get people together, form friendships that will last a lifetime and build unity within all the vocational trades.
FYI: According to Richard Johnson, LCCC PR of SkillsUSA, almost all the vocational people in the area used to be a SkillsUSA member. Being a part of SkillsUSA gives a “bump” in any application process. Being a part of this club will stand out more to the employer because they will know you have an understanding of what the environment is like and can turn around and give back to the community. SkillsUSA is always trying to give back to the community such as offering free oil changes. It is a résumé builder and helps in earning scholarships for higher education. SkillsUSA students almost always go to national competitions.
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