Posted at 12:45 p.m., March 10, 2015

Students revive Wonder Women group as club

“The sky’s the limit” with LCCC’s newly formed Wonder Women club says LCCC counselor and program coordinator.

Laramie County Community College’s spring semester offers a new addition to the club list. Wonder Women began late last semester as a group within the LCCC counseling and campus wellness department as a supportive environment for female students. This semester, Wonder Women has become a club.

Wonder Women’s meeting times and locations are still being determined by the club members, but more information and sign-ups are available by contacting Mindy Faulkner in the counseling and campus wellness department.

The club’s motto “Women Empowering Women” speaks volumes of the organization’s goals. “It’s basically supposed to be anything that a person would want it to be,” LCCC counselor Mindy Faulkner said. The club offers opportunities to “blow off steam” with fun activities or just to meet other women on campus as well as learn new skills. The club also provides a safe place to talk without the feel of a one-on-one counseling session. “It’s basically all-encompassing.”

Club aims to be more member oriented

Wonder Women is more member oriented this semester, too. Last year the group’s activities were chosen for them, this year the club’s first meeting, Feb. 24 at the Paramount Cafe, went over what members are interested in and when they are available for participation instead of last semester’s strict Wednesday at 1 p.m. time slot. Previous activities the group has done include yoga, Pilates, arts and crafts, and life skill development such as teaching cooking skills or finance management. This semester they hope to become more involved with the community. “The sky’s the limit,” Faulkner said. “There’s a lot of opportunity for growth.”

Faulkner said the Wonder Women environment “takes off the pressure” by sharing a common goal. She said last semester the group meetings turned out to be “a safe place for people just to be themselves.”

“There’s never been anything done like this at LCCC,” Faulkner, the founder of the group, said. “I know that when I was in college, I think I would have really found value in it.”

Wonder Women hopes to empower the women of LCCC to believe in their self-worth through club activities and participation with other members. “We can do whatever we want in life, we just have to believe we can,” Faulkner said.

Counseling and campus wellness is located in the College Community Center, Room 129.


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