Posted at 12:40 p.m., March 12, 2015

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Dalton Lopez, News Editor

Movie houses reel us in
this spring break

Paying price versus seeing new movies seems to be your choice this spring break staycation when selecting to visit a movie theater.

“I prefer going to Carmike because of the student discount,” said Lea Bettolo, a student at Laramie County Community College.

If you are not part of the military, then there are three choices to select for movies in Cheyenne. The Lincoln Theater downtown shows the older movies at a lower cost, and then the Capitol and Carmike Frontier 9 show the brand-new movies.
Crystal Church, a student at LCCC, has two choices for movie theatres: “I go to the Capitol because of their military discount and the rewards program, and my kids go to Carmike for the student discount.”

Some new movies coming out this March are getting some real hype.

With price versus new movies, there comes price versus new theater as well.

An LCCC student, Stephanie McGee, explained which theater she goes to. “I prefer the Capitol, but I go to Carmike for the student discount,” she said.

Michael Smith, another LCCC student, said he goes to the Capitol because it’s closest. The Capitol has a major aspect that others do not, and it’s a more eye-catching aesthetics because it is newer. However, Carmike Frontier 9 offers a cheap student discount that will make it more affordable.

If you are unable to catch the new movies coming out and missed the movies that have already left the Capitol and Frontier 9, don’t worry; once movies leave the Capitol Theater, most of those movies show up at the Lincoln Theater.

Theater Review
Theaters Carmike Cinemas
Frontier 9
Capitol City Stadium Cinemas Lincoln Movie Palace (Money Saver)
Price Adults (13+)
Bargain (11–4:30):
Super Bargain (4:30–5:30):
Evening (After 5:30):
Children (4–12):
Seniors (60+):
Military (with ID):
Students (with current ID):
3D Movies: $1 Surcharge
Ages 3 and under are free.
Adults (13+)
Matinée (Before 5:30):
Evening (After 5:30):
Children (-12):
Seniors (60+):
Military (with ID):
3D Movies:
$1.50 Surcharge.
Adults (13+)
Matinée (Before 5:30):
Evening (After 5:30):
Children (3-12):
Seniors (60+):
Military (with ID):
Pros •Located in the mall
•Customer service focused
•Stadium seating
•Cheap student discount
•Popcorn Bucket
•Rewards program
•Free refills
•Convenient location
•Newer so looks better
•Big variety of concessions
•Has most screens
•Stadium seating
•Rewards program
•Located downtown
•Capitol’s rewards program
•Vintage feel to it
•Has a balcony
•Modern technology
Cons •Damaged seats
•Newer management
•More expensive
•Customer service
Specials • Early Birds (First showing
Saturday and Sunday):
All seats $4
• Tuesdays: Small drink,
small popcorn and candy $2
• Early Birds (First showing
Saturday and Sunday): All
seats $4.75
•Tuesdays: All seats $2
Audio Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital

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