Posted at 9 a.m., Feb. 19, 2015

Joint LCCC/UW building in Laramie on hold

The Albany County Campus ex officio representative to the Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees expressed disappointment Feb. 18 that the University of Wyoming “is not ready to go forward” with a joint building on the UW campus.

Butch Keadle, of Laramie, said the new UW president, Dr. Richard C. McGinity, wasn’t informed enough on the project to push forward and needed more specific information about the student populations who would be served. McGinity was named president on Jan. 17, 2014, following the November 2013 resignation of Dr. Bob Sternberg.

Earlier, LCCC and UW had completed a Level I study on the proposed building, and then officials from both institutions met in late January to discuss moving forward with Level II planning. Keadle said the UW vice presidents especially Sara Axelson, vice president of student affairs, were more informed of the proposal.

“I am disappointed we couldn’t move to Level II,” Keadle said.

He pointed to the lack of a UW trustee from Southeast Wyoming on the board as partially to blame for little political influence to construct an LCCC building on the UW campus. UW trustee, Warren Lauer, of Laramie, died in October, and the governor is scheduled to replace him during this legislative session.

However, Keadle did have better news about the possible expansion of the Albany County Campus. Originally, LCCC had requested the city of Laramie give LCCC land across the street. But Keadle reported Spradley Barr has purchased a Nissan Honda dealership and has placed an offer on that land.

As part of the Laramie-owned Turner Tract, four lots on a cul de sac east of the current campus total about 16 acres, have sewer and water availability and would provide another access point to the campus.

The Laramie City Council will order an appraisal on those lots, and Keadle said the college hopes to purchase the lots below appraisal.
“That’s encouraging,” Keadle said, “ to secure some space.”