Posted at 11:30 a.m., March 8, 2016

College makes safety precautions

CARE team and security available to help fix issues

The Laramie County Community College residence halls should be considered a safe haven for students but there might be times when campus security is needed.

Students that live at the residence halls are told about a variety of safety regulations when first moving in and some are common sense, but when incidents occur there might be some confusion on who to contact.

CARE Team is the main resource to contact when there are issues between students. Such as bullying, hazing or sexual abuse, etc. They review the incidents that occur and decide on whether or not the accused person is at fault.

“Fill out a student statement report and take it to CARE team,” LCCC campus safety officer Juan Maldonado said. He added that an intervention strategy can be used to address unique incidents.

Maldonado said “We provide all safety to the community, campus and enforce safety regulations,” Maldonado said. LCCC campus security is 24/7 and has multiple resources in case of emergencies.

The campus has yellow emergency posts that have a button that when pushed notify campus security that there is an emergency.

Campus security also has the task of monitoring that the school stays a dry campus. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed in the residence halls.

“We don’t mess around with that, we follow procedures and contact law enforcement,” Maldonado said. If security cites one person for violating the rules, we have to be equal when another similar incident arises, Maldonado said. “We have a good relationship with law enforcement,” he said.

Campus security has even set up a couple parking spots and an office for law enforcement.

“911 first anytime, emergency call 911 first,” Maldonado said. The police are to be called whenever emergencies arise. Campus security is notified.

All around campus there are cameras installed so incidents will have some evidence if they are within the camera’s views.

The most serious issue that has arisen at LCCC in the last two years has been a car being stolen from the parking lot. Using the cameras from the parking lot, law enforcement was able to apprehend the hijacker.

“Campus security is meant to enforce safety regulations and keep the campus safe for the students,” said Maldonado.

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