Posted at 12:11 p.m., March 4, 2016

Key policy under revision

Laramie County Community College’s key policy is starting the process of being revised to bring clarity on who can issue and possess keys.

The original key policy had a sentence that stated, “Students, including student employees, are not to be issued keys.” However, the revision that is currently made states, “Supervisors may acquire keys under this policy for the purposes of re-issuing to their student employees. In this cases(s), the Supervisor remains solely responsible for the keys under the terms and conditions outlined in this key insurance policy.”

Vice President of Administration and Finance Rick Johnson said he worked with Vice President of Academic Affairs Terry Harper to bring clarity to the policy. He said supervisors were always able to issue keys, then let their student employees who work for them have the key, but the original sentence made this confusing. The revision should reduce the confusion, which brings clarity that was originally intended, he said.

Process of revision

However, the revised key policy may not be in action for the current semester or toward the end of the semester due to the policy process that ensures the policy is properly handled, Harper said.

She outlined the process, which includes presenting the document to the president’s cabinet, receiving feedback from faculty and staff and presenting the document with the feedback to the cabinet for a second time. Changes are made mainly during the second reading in the meeting. The document goes to the college counsel to be reviewed. After the changes are made by the cabinet and the counsel, the document goes to the president, who typically presents it to the Board of Trustees.

Currently, the key policy revision was presented to the cabinet Feb. 9 and Harper is receiving feedback on the revision. The main component of the feedback has been the question of how supervisors can make sure the key is returned, she said. Therefore, a main discussion during the next cabinet meeting is to decide if terminology should be added to the revision to ensure students are accountable for the keys their supervisor issues to them.

Johnson said so far the revision has had full support from the cabinet meeting.

Director of the Physical Plant Tim Macnamara said the revision of the policy will not have much of an effect on the department. It is simply a matter of checking out more keys to a faculty or staff member.

“I think this is going in the right direction,” Harper said.

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