Posted at 4 p.m. March 1, 2017

Carrying more than a burden

Board of Trustees against passage of campus-carry bill

“They’re just silly, irrational arguments for this, and it’s become fear mongering and emotional.”

Dr. Joe Schaffer

LCCC President

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees met Feb. 15 and discussed Wyoming House Bill 136, the campus carry bill and approved naming rights for the Pathfinder Building conference rooms.

The Wyoming State Legislature is currently in session, and H.B. 136 is a controversial bill that would allow people with concealed carry licenses to carry firearms on campus.

President Dr. Joe Schaffer described the days’ personal testimony at the legislature.

“What I think was fascinating was it was entirely anectdotal,” Schaffer said. “It was an emotional back and forth.”

Schaffer stood in opposition to the bill and brought up points regarding the implementation of the bill if it were to pass.

“I don’t know that they (the legislators) understand the ramifications,” Schaffer said. “All the fear mongering aside, we would have to change all our Human Resources policies to talk about inappropriate brandishing of a weapon and if that is bad conduct would that be grounds for dismissal, and we’d have to look at student conduct.”

Schaffer also discussed potential ramifications for security.

“Who has the authority to check if they (students or staff) do have a concealed-carry?” Schaffer said. “What happens? Do we have to turn them over?”

Schaffer said one of the main arguments for allowing concealed-carry on campus is the fact that you don’t know if someone has a weapon on them or not regardless of where you are. But he also pointed out that this could apply to numerous other laws that are not disputed.

“I’m thinking, anyone in the room could have heroin in their pocket, do you get rid of that law too?” Schaffer said. “They’re just silly, irrational arguments for this, and it’s become fear mongering and emotional.”

Trustee Don Erickson pointed out that many of the Second Amendment supporters refuse to budge even though there are already numerous limits on many of the Amendments, including the Second and First. He also encouraged groups against the bill to step forward and make their voices heard.

Faculty Senate President Rob McNabb also confirmed that the Faculty Senate is against H.B. 136.

At an executive session held between the dinner and official board meeting, naming rights for conference rooms 108 and 109 in the Pathfinder Building were awarded to ANB Bank. The new name of the rooms is the ANB Bank Leadership Center.

Schaffer also said H.B. 237, the Community College Capital Construction bill, which authorized the Recreation and Athletics Complex renovation, has passed the House and Senate. LCCC has also been authorized to spend up to $200,000 for level two planning on the proposed Fine Arts center. Schaffer said the plans will be shovel-ready by the next legislative session.

Schaffer also said the Ludden Library expansion planning has been approved but will have to wait until next fall.


Be sure to watch the replay of the Feb. 15, Board of Trustees meeting