Posted at6 p.m. March 6, 2017

Surprised student finds college life more lenient

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Jenna Wener

Cody Fox

A college schedule is a lot different from a schedule in high school. Balancing everything from classes, studying, homework, socializing, activities and even big parties changes a lot from senior year of high school to freshman year of college.

Jenna Werner is from Torrington and is a freshman at Laramie County Community College. Werner said she came to LCCC to get out of Torrington, but she did not want to move too far from her family. Her sister also lives in Cheyenne, which made it easier to move here. She is majoring in elementary education. Werner explains what her typical day as a college student is like at LCCC. After spending a semester at LCCC in the fall, Werner has learned to develop her own routine at LCCC.

On class days, Werner said she wakes up at 10 a.m. to have breakfast, shower and get ready for class. At 11 a.m., Werner has her first class of the day: Intro to Special Education. After that, she goes to the café to eat lunch before her next class: Literature for Children. When that class is done, she said she usually goes back to her room to chill and most likely watch Netflix until the evening, when she will hang out with her friends.

Werner also takes Public Speaking and Teaching with Technology online, so when she is not at college or working, she does her work for these two classes. But she said she likes to leave her homework until Saturday after she gets off work.

Werner said her routine was disrupted from Jan. 26 to Feb. 7. when she became sick. Werner said she was excused from college with a doctor’s note. She was having kidney stone problems. She had to get two ultrasounds, a CT scan and two X-rays.

“My online teachers just had me do my work online. They were nice about it. I find it a little bit harder catching up on the in-class work, but I managed,” she said.

Like a lot of college students, Werner needs to unwind and take some time away from college and homework to relax. “To unwind from college and work, I usually like to go out with my friends and party, but we usually go to dinner first,” Werner said.

Werner said she was surprised how different college is from her high school. She said she finds that college is a lot more lenient than high school.

“The thing that surprised me the most about college is how lenient LCCC are on letting you set up your own class schedule,” Werner said.

Werner’s favorite part of college is meeting new people and making new friends. She said she loves how different her schedule is compared to high school.


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