Posted at 1 p.m. March 1, 2017

FAFSA applications due

Initial deadline is April 1

The free application for Federal Student Aid is the first step students take to receive scholarships, grants and loans. April 1 is the deadline for the FAFSA application.

“Students can submit the application for the FAFSA anytime online or by mail,” Vito Milatzo, the Assistant director for the office of scholarships and Financial Aid said. “It takes three times longer if you decide to do a paper application. I haven’t had as many paper applications since Laramie County Community College offers online access and assistance filling out the forms.”

There is not an absolute deadline for the FAFSA form, however, it is better to turn the FAFSA in by the end of each semester, so students are able to qualify for scholarships for the coming semesters.

To register for the FAFSA online, students need to provide their Social Security number, birth date, name, and last year’s tax information as well as the Federal Student Aid ID. The FSA ID is the federal username that students must sign up for.

“FSA ID is taking over the place of the student aid ID,” Milatzo said. “Students need this pin to be able to sign in to get certain U.S. documents for the FAFSA.”

This ID helps confirm the identity of the students. If students have never filled out the FAFSA, this is where they can create a FSA ID. Just go to

If students decide to use other applications from different domains such or .net websites, there will be a fee when filling out the application.

“ is a free application, all it takes is time,” Milatzo said.

If students are dependents, then they will need to provide tax information from their parent or guardian. This information will help financial aid advisers calculate how much funding the student qualifies for.


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