Posted at 3 p.m. March 1, 2017

SGA promotes elections

With the end of the spring semester, many members of the Student Government Association will be graduating, and that will leave open seats in the SGA. The SGA Elections committee has been promoting the current elections to inspire students to fill those seats.

The SGA Service committee is moving forward with a campus cleanup and members looking to support and assist the Pantry.

Robert Swank, the president of SGA, is from the Centennial area of Colorado. Swank went to a large high school and attended a technical school for two and half years where he learned machining.

“I was really big into working with my hands,” Swank said.

Swanks is majoring in agriculture and welding. He’s looking into a future of agriculture business and sales or teaching agriculture.

Swank’s journey to Laramie County Community College began with attendance at another school.

“Originally I was going to Community College of Aurora,” Swank said. “It had no feel, there was no want to be there. The people weren’t friendly. But as soon as I came and toured this campus, I got a thank you letter just for coming and touring the campus. It just really felt like home. Everyone was nice and polite and said ‘hi.’”

Once on campus it didn’t take long until Swank wanted to be involved with SGA.

“It was my first year here, I saw them out here getting involved in the campus with trash pickups and doing the elections aspect,” Swank said. “I was in student council in high school and middle school. So it’s one of those things, I’ve always loved getting involved on that side of it because you see the black and white on how the school is actually ran.”

As president of the SGA, Swank is awarded opportunities to meet and speak with administrators addressing issues effecting the student body.

“They can see first-hand how it’s affecting students,” Swank said. “That’s how I really got involved with it, and once I got elected in last spring, I just fell in love with it.”

Swank decided to run for president of SGA with a suggestion from a fellow SGA senator and a necessity.

“Last year we had a lot of senators leave just because it was the end of their two years and they were graduating, the same as this upcoming spring,” Swank said. “So there were not too many individuals there that were going to be returning for leadership positions the upcoming year. Originally my vice president, Zack Wood, that was here during the fall semester, kind of approached me about it. I took the idea and ran with it.”


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