Posted at 1 p.m. March 1, 2017

Apps provide students a cheap alternative
to calculators

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Calculator Apps:

The Develop Studios S.L Classic Calculator app,(top) is a free, basic calculator app with built-in ads. The HiPER Scientific Calculator,(above) is free for 18 days and costs $2.49 for the entire, ad-free version.

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College students do not generally have a lot of money. Books, food and rent are more than enough to deal with, so when added expenses come, it can be tough. The HiPER Scientific Calculator app by HiPER Development Studio and Classic Calculator by Develop Studios S.L are calculator options for students on a budget. The apps are only available on Android.

The app functions include but are not limited to: expression view, number notation, sexagesimal numbers, fractions, a clipboard, calculation results, constants, unit conversion, memory operations, base-n calculation and result and expression history.

One of the most innovative functions of this calculator is the paste function. When a function key is double tapped, the app automatically pastes the last answer created through the function of the particular key.

This app is by far the superior choice. It functions nearly perfectly, is updated regularly and has received over 20 five-star reviews on GooglePlay. It could be used in a number of advanced mathematical applications. I recommend this app.

The Classic Calculator app is a basic calculator app with a system that allows for multiple key layout options depending on the user’s preference. While this is an interesting feature, it did freeze the program multiple times during selection.

The app has similar calculator functions to a basic Android calculator app and has similar layout and screen size as a TI-30Xa, a very cheap Texas Instruments model.

The app also has in-calculator ads that can be removed if the user wants to pay $5.99. The ads can be very annoying when trying to do calculations and using this app without them would be ideal.

Although this app also received very high reviews on GooglePlay, the app freezing, obnoxious ads and limited functionality make it a weak option compared to the HiPER app. If this is all you can afford, stick with your stock calculator app.


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