Posted at 6 p.m. March 6, 2016

No cheer squad planned for future

“There isn’t a need or necessity for athletics to get a cheerleading team.”

Tad Roccaro

Athletic Director

There are currently no cheerleaders at Laramie County Community College that perform at college games, and there won’t be any in the near future.

“There isn’t a need or necessity for athletics to get a cheerleading team right now,” LCCC Athletic Director Scott Noble said.

Cheerleading isn’t a sanctioned sport in the NJCA athletics, and none of the 17 schools in Region IX have it.

The process of creating a cheerleading team would have to be first started by the NJCA so the athletics departments of other schools can begin to integrate cheerleading teams. The first step for LCCC to bring back a cheerleading team would be for the community to reach out to the athletic department and insist on making a team.

The gym is too small for cheerleaders to perform during basketball. The only possible area they would be able to perform would be behind the baskets, but that causes a safety concern, so referees don’t allow people to be there for too long.

“We are trying to create a spirit club or fans club in our current student population,” Noble said.

The Student Athlete Advisory Council was started just this year. Two athletes from every sport participate in a meeting once a month and discuss ways to improve the student-athlete experience. They discuss matters on what athletes want and what they need.

The SAAC could get together and make a prep or spirit team which would be like a cheerleading team, but with a different approach. The prep or spirit team wouldn’t be connected to LCCC athletics but would still be able to perform at games.

“Cheerleaders don’t necessarily change the outcomes of games, and they do have entertainment value,” Noble said.

An official cheerleading team won’t be made any time soon, but a prep or spirit team can be put together as a different way to get that extra prep at games.


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