Posted at 3 p.m., April 29, 2016

Master plan on track with 2011 plan

Finalized plan to come

The two new buildings on campus are going up quickly and the current master plan update is set to finalize soon. The buildings that are currently under construction on the campus are in line with the last master plan that was approved in the fall of 2011.

According to President Dr. Joe Schaffer, “the master plan is a dynamic, comprehensive planning document intended to establish a flexible framework for the continued development and growth of (Laramie County Community College).”

LCCC is required to update its campus master plan every five years per state requirements.

“The current master plan that is in progress is set to finalize in mid-July of this year,” said Vice President Rick Johnson, who is leading the update to the master plan.

Although the buildings are under the 2011 campus plan, the location and details of these buildings will be updated so that they can reflect the current 2016 plan. Currently, there is no need for additional financial resources to be allocated for additional updates.

“Backfill planning would be the only thing that may require additional funding, but it is too early yet to know,” Johnson said.

However, if additional funding is necessary this can come from a variety of manners such as state appropriations, private gifts to the college, local funds and fee revenue.

This plan will affect both students and staff by “creating a vision for the future and guide decision-making as funding opportunities become available,” said Johnson.

When it comes to the space and function of these buildings some staff members and programs have already been identified to move into the buildings and their spaces have already been allocated. SmithGroupJJR, the engineers and architects behind the construction project, have also been incorporating their ideas and recommendations for vacated spaces.

“All of the changes we have made since 2011 have made the campus a better place for our students and I hope the updated plan will do the same,” said Schaffer.

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