Posted at 11:50 a.m., April 20, 2016

Course substitution procedure formalized

Policy keeps records organized

Laramie County Community College’s course substitution procedure has been revised to formalize the process.

The course substitution process is made for students who have transferred to LCCC, are under an old curriculum depending on the time the student started at the college, or have a disability. Other students can use the course substitution procedure depending on the situation.

Registrar Stacy Maestas said a course substitution can be initiated by advisers or faculty, but it is most common to start between a student and their adviser.

Maestas and Director of Student Planning and Success Kathryn Flewelling said the previous procedure was not documented or formalized to the extent it should be.

With the new procedure in effect, both Flewelling and Maestas said the difference is everything gets recorded because there are more steps that ensure the substitution goes through all the needed checks.

According to the procedure, the student and adviser or faculty will complete the Course Substitution Request form. Along with the form, transcripts should be verified. Appropriate faculty will be consulted to make sure the substitution is applicable to the requirements of the program. Lastly, the course description and syllabus necessary for the substitution will be attached to the rest of the paperwork.

The form will be forwarded to the department chair or program director, school dean and registrar for approval.

If it is approved, the office of the registrar will update the student’s degree plan.