Concealed weapons allowed in state without permit

By Kadie Floud

Wyoming has become one of only four states that allow concealed weapons without a permit in the United States.

However, there are still places in Wyoming where concealed weapons are prohibited. Laramie County Community College is one of those. Along with hospitals, courthouses and banks, Wyoming school campuses are the exception to the new law. Lawmakers believe these are places where residents do not need to carry weapons on their person—concealed or open.

For many schools, a student or faculty member can go to the security office and request a permit to carry a concealed weapon on campus. However, that does not hold true for LCCC. The director of campus safety and security, Ron Bailey, said, "According to state statute, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon on any college campus without permission from the security service of that college, and I don't grant permission." This rule also includes vehicles.

If a weapon is found in a vehicle or on a person, that person can be removed from campus or arrested.

Some fear shooting on college campus

"I see no need to carry a firearm out here," Bailey said. He said some colleges in Colorado allow concealed weapons on their campuses.

"We're going to be challenged; it's a matter of time," Bailey said. Bailey said he feared a time if something bad were to happen, there could be a massive shootout and there would be people who are not trained shooting indiscriminately.

Bailey said he believed in a dangerous situation, it is law enforcement's duty to use firearms if necessary. If someone had a gun and were to try to deter the situation and an officer approaches him, although they he has self-defense, the officer could see that as a threat. This could end the life of an individual who was just trying to protect himself.

There is no age limit for open carry in Wyoming.