SFAC continues to chip away at deficit

By Britt Kaiser

A decision has been made regarding Laramie County Community College's funding for clubs and organizations for the 2011-2012 year by the Student Fee Allocation Committee.

SFAC's facilitator, Dave Gaer, said nothing has changed from last year in the process of allocating funds.

The committee faced a hard year last year, making up for a $95,000 deficit from a 1980s' account that had been set up to pay for past credit card charges. This caused the SFAC committee to make cuts in allocation requests last spring. The committee chose to cut funding, by creating restrictions such as limiting the cost of nightly hotel stays on trips to $90 a room, the cost of airfare to $250 a person and allowing only one adviser on trips.

The committee is still in negative amounts from the deficit and had to make up for another $46,000 this spring. The committee kept the same guideline changes from the previous year to cut the amount of money that each organization can be allocated.

The funds come from a portion of student fees. Gaer said the fees for SFAC are relatively small. The total amount of money allocated was $362,270.

The amount of money that is distributed throughout 33 organizations is roughly the same amount the athletic department receives from its athletic fees.

Students allocate funds between organizations

The organizations that were granted the most were as follows: the International Ambassadors, at 202 percent increase from $5,974 last spring to $15,101 this spring; Associated Student Government at a 171 percent increase from $7,677 last spring to $22,480 this spring; Across All Lines made a 100 percent increase from $5,050 last spring to $15,281 this spring.

Gaer emphasized the students on the committee do all of the allocating. Two students from each division are on the committee. The students go through the proposals for funding and decide on what is in the best interest for LCCC as a whole.

The committee has a set of rules for the organizations. These guidelines are the blueprint on what the committee needs to know for the allocation of money.

These rules limit spending on trips for organizations. The limits are on airfare, meal costs, hotel stay, registration fees, etc. The committee also must approve of all credit card charges that organizations plan to make.

Once all proposals are reviewed, the committee begins to make decisions on whether each organization should receive the money requested.

The committee goes through every proposal as a whole and votes how the money needs to be allocated for each organization.

If an organization changes plans on a trip that was in a proposal for SFAC, it must immediately inform the committee of these changes, and the committee will approve the re-allocation of the committee. In the proposals for trips, organizations are expected to state learning goals and explain how the trip will be educationally beneficial.