College's magazine spreads poetry, art

Those itching to read the prose and poetry and see the art and photos of local writers and artists will soon have the chance to appease that need.

The High Plains Register is just about ready for publication at Laramie County Community College. A formal reading of some of the features in this year's literary arts magazine will be on Friday, April 27, from noon–2 p.m. to showcase some of this year's pieces including musicians, writers and artists.

Liz Jackson, an LCCC English instructor and HPR's faculty adviser, said this edition will be special for a few reasons.

"We are doing a metal-smithing design and jewelry feature," she said. These pieces are coming from all across the community and LCCC. "We have works by students in Julie Jerman-Melka's classes."

In addition to this new section in the magazine, more than just the students of LCCC entered the publication this year. LCCC employees from across the campus submitted work, including people from public relations, publication, technology and more.

"We have more LCCC employees this year than in past years, which is cool," Jackson said. "I think the word getting out about the community magazine really helped."

Just as in past years, poetry and art were popular submissions. Jackson said music submissions were uncommon, but poetry and photos didn't disappoint as usual.

"Music submissions were sparse, but we are featuring a student band. I always hope for more music submissions, though, but we typically get a lot of poetry, and that was not different this year as well as photos," she said.

Jackson also said the magazine is available on and off campus for the community to read.

"It is a free magazine and gets a lot of reading attention from the community. But we also have people who submit nationwide who will receive copies by mail," Jackson said. "We had people from both coasts submit work including the states of California and Connecticut."

In addition to many LCCC employees submitting work this year, a lot of students also submitted. Students from English 2042 "Creative Writing: Fiction and Drama," which ran in the fall and was taught by Damien Kortum, and English 2041 "Creative Writing: Nonfiction and Poetry," which ran this spring and was taught by Kristin Abraham, contributed.

Jackson said there were some "great student submissions from those classes." A few of Jackson's and Mary Guthrie's English 1020 classes also submitted work that will be published this year.

Jackson said the magazine received a lot of support from the community as well as from many staff members on campus.

"I greatly appreciate the support from PR—Lisa Murphy and Stacy Shultz-Bisset—and the fine arts dean, Kathleen Urban, as well as Marlene Tignor (LCCC's vice president of instruction). They give funding and support that without we would not function," Jackson said.

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