Nancy Cornish and 'two angels'

Nancy Cornish literally had a life-changing experience on a lonely Kansas road.

She had run completely out of gas and was stranded on the side of the road, tipping over. She looked up and said: "OK, God, I need some help." The first person who came along was a really scary-looking man with green pus coming from his eyes. "That's not really what I had in mind," she said in her head.

Next a woman, with very pale skin and white-blonde hair, took her to a gas station down the road.

Also a truck driver, who heard her on her CB radio asking for help, arrived just as the two women returned from the gas station.

As they poured the gas into her tank, the truck driver realized it wasn't enough because her car was tilted too far back. So the other woman returned to the gas station.

While they waited, the truck driver revealed he had just been released from a mental institution less than a month ago. Their talk about value of people and how God works his ways had so uplifted him and given him more help than his six-month institutional stay.

With the new gas, the man climbed atop the hood and told Cornish to drive while he poured gas directly into the carburetor to start it. They couldn't see any oncoming traffic, but they made it safely.

The woman's name was Carol Light, which was an unusual name, and she declined any payment for her troubles. "Just pass it on, pass the good deed on," Light said. "'You're an angel, aren't you?' I thought," Cornish said.

Finally, Cornish made it to her concert where afterward the president of a community college nearby offered her a job because the college was losing its music department and wouldn't have one anymore unless she agreed. So she took the position and developed the music department of the college.

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