'The Convincer'

State troopers illustrate harms of not wearing seat belts

The Convincer

The convinced

Johnathan Allen slides down to the bottom of "The Convincer" where an airbag meets him.

Photo by Allie Hurley

Laramie County Community College, Center for Campus Living and Learning, the Cheyenne Police Department, the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Highway Patrol have joined forces to ensure Wyoming stays at a high rate of seatbelt compliance or possibly raise it.

Throughout April, LCCC is promoting seatbelt safety. Posters made by the Campus Activities Board were distributed around the campus to display the horrific effects not wearing a seatbelt can have on a person.

In Wyoming, 85 percent of residents wear seatbelts in a motor vehicle. If someone is pulled over for a violation and is wearing a seatbelt, he will receive $10 reduction on his ticket. Primary seatbelt laws in Wyoming give law enforcement the right to pull over anyone who is not wearing a seatbelt. If a driver is not buckled up, then he will receive a $25 fine. Passengers receive a $10 fine if they are not wearing a seatbelt.

On April 3, in the LCCC parking lot, students and staff handed out information to broaden students' knowledge of seatbelt safety. They were also on the lookout for drivers who were and weren't following the law. Drivers who weren't wearing seatbelts received artificial tickets. Those who were wearing a seatbelt were entered in a raffle for prizes.

Troopers checked equipment

Crashed vehicles were displayed in the parking lot. Students and staff were also able to have their seatbelts checked.

On April 4 from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., the Wyoming Highway Patrol provided a seatbelt demonstration called "The Convincer." The seatbelt convincer was placed in the LCCC parking lot to demonstrate the impact of a head-on collision just going 5–7 mph. Afterward, David Bois, a car crash survivor, recalled his survival from not wearing a seatbelt in a crash.

On Wednesday, April 25, at noon, Bois will return to the Student Lounge.

Handouts and giveaways to remind people to buckle up are available at the Campus Living and Learning Office. Posts from people who have pledged to wear a seatbelt are also displayed at the office.

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