Posted at 3:23 p.m., May 5, 2015

Retiree plans to shut down, glove up


All smiles:

Retiree Cathy Rogers, instructor of computer information systems, is looking forward to free time ahead of her in the garden, growing lavender.

Vycktoryja Selves

How many people can say they remember Laramie County Community College acquiring its first personal computers? PCs with a hard drive capacity of 20 megabytes that required multiple floppy disks to open one program?

Cathy Rogers, an instructor of computer information systems, is one of the few people who can.

Rogers said after graduating high school she was a nontraditional student and went to college for two years before marrying and having children. Before her career at LCCC, she worked for 10 years as a legal secretary then went back to school to finish her bachelor’s in business education and master’s in instructional technology.

Starting her career at LCCC in the mid-‘80s, Rogers used to teach three different levels of keyboarding on typewriters as well as other business classes. Through her time as an instructor, Rogers said she has seen the technology changes at the college. For example, she used to teach how to use WordStar, a word processing application that was last released in 1999.

Now, after more than 20 years of service, Rogers has decided it’s time to shut down the computer and enjoy her gardening.

With a greenhouse in her backyard, both Rogers and her husband, Jim, use their master gardener skills to grow plants all year round and plan to grow a lavender field in the future. Rogers said she brought back about 40 lavender plants a few years ago from the Colorado Lavender Festival as an experiment to see if the lavender would survive Wyoming weather. Since then, she has successfully been able to start 250 lavender plants from the cuttings of the original 40 plants.

Born to a mother who passed down her love of gardening, Rogers said she does not remember a time when she did not have some kind of garden. While her own two daughters took some interest in quilting, Rogers said her grandsons seem to like gardening but mostly enjoy the produce that come from their grandmother’s garden.

Rogers said she will miss the daily contact she has with her colleagues, who are her good friends and the best to work with. Though she may have had administrative duties that conflicted with her interest, Rogers said she has the best job in the world and would recommend it to anybody.

At home, Rogers said her husband, who is a woodworker, is also trying to retire but laughed when she recounted he still plans to work on three kitchens in the near future.

After putting in the many years of teaching students at LCCC, Rogers said she looks forward to doing what she enjoys and taking the time to do them while she still has it.

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