Posted at 4 p.m. May 1,2017

Everyman's Judgment Day

Seeing Everyman will leave audience members with lasting message

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Play by play:

Ahna Weydeveld as Discretion (left), Mac Marino as Good Deeds (center) and Christian Borgaard (right) as Everyman performing a scene in Everyman during dress rehearsals.

Photos by Rafael Munoz-Vega

Numbers was voiced by none other than the IPhone assistant, Siri. Using a text-to-speech feature, Siri says lines in the old English Vermacular alongside other characters.

Everyman by Anonymous is a moral play whose vernacular may occasionally fly over the heads of the audience, but the message will stick with you when you leave the Playhouse.

The theme of the play is that when one is on their death bed, all that they can bring with them is their good deeds. The play shows how people live their lives in compartmentalized ways.

Everyman is played by Christian Borgaard. Everyman represents humanity. When Everyman is faced with a ledger of his good and bad deeds, he attempts to persuade characters and personifications of his being to come with him to get his life in order before his judgement day.

The takeaway from the play is that when we face death, we cannot have earthly relationships or traits accompany them. When one faces death they are only left with their good deeds.

Technical moments of note in the play were the use of media alongside the narrative, as well as the portrayal the character Numbers adds to the play’s relevance to a contemporary audience. When Everyman begins his journey to recruit friends and abstract ideas alike to his day of judgement, the play utilizes video segments of traveling footage as well as scenes filmed at different locations where Everyman interacts with the other characters.

Numbers was voiced by none other than the iPhone assistant, Siri. Using a text-to-speech feature, Siri performs lines in the old English vernacular alongside the other characters in the play. Numbers delivers surprisingly funny lines akin to Glados from the Portal series’ humor. The choice to have Siri portray the role of Numbers is clever.

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A deadly meeting:

Christian Borgaard and Anthony Syracuse meeting as Everyman and Death, respectively.

p>Although the use of media is a remarkable use of storytelling, it becomes a bit hard to follow the audio at times given the old English vernacular that persists throughout the play, which is sometimes delivered at a pace that makes the lines fly over one’s head. With Numbers’ lines, the audience gets to see the text as they are delivered, which makes following the dialogue easier to follow. The audience members must translate for themselves what the thick language is conveying at many parts of the play.

Everyman is a play that can give the perspective to audience members that not all we cherish and spend time with in life will be able to or willing to accompany us on judgement day. This teaches us not to only appreciate those outside of ourselves but aspects like strength, humility, beauty, discretion and the feelings within us all.


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