Posted at 4 p.m. May 4, 2017

Freshman balances 23 credits, 35-hour work week, judging

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Most freshman at a community college don’t take 25 credits their first semester, but Savannah Birkle did not shy away from a heavy workload.

Birkle, born and raised in Cheyenne, graduated from Cheyenne East High School in 2015 and took on a heavy load when she got to the next step in her education.

She started attending Laramie County Community College in the fall of 2016, working toward a degree in wildlife conservation and agriculture business during her first semester.

Flag Raising

Savannah Birkle

She’s currently taking 23 credits and going for an associates degree in agriculture business while working 35 hours a week at Taco John’s. Her class schedule includes general biology, agroecology, agriculture economics, agriculture computers, public speaking and introduction to photography.

Birkle is active with the agriculture department. She is on the judging team and she is part of the livestock show team. However, she said she does not attend the sporting events or activities that the college offers because she is so busy with classes, work, the agriculture teams and her personal life.

Birkle said she chose LCCC because it was close to home and she had enough funds to get her required credits out of the way so she can transfer to the University of Wyoming to earn a bachelor’s degree in agriculture business.

Birkle said she really enjoys small class sizes because it allows more hands-on experience.

“Laramie County Community College is overall a nice college,” Birkle said. “This is if you do your work. The students are nice and for the most part the instructors are good, however, we’re not super close as a student body.”


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