Posted at 4 p.m. May 1, 2017

Transforming into community

Eagle Village offering free services for Residence Halls

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Dorm room livin’:

J.L. Vance and Shiloh Rozell take advantage of Eagle Village’s free pool table.

Rafael Munoz-Vega

Though Cheyenne is a rather small area, the Laramie County Community College Residence Halls find a way to draw in residents by offering several services to students living there.

“The lobby offers a free pool table, ping pong table, a projector with a wireless hook up, open kitchen, computer lab and free laundry,” Director of Residential Living and Student Conduct Shaun O’Malley said.

In the past, students had to pay for many services in the Residence Halls under the direction of former Residential Living Director Jason Ostrowski. O’Malley has since made many services free to residents. All of the free services are adding up on previous costs that are still being paid off, O’Malley said. The services include a pool table, laundry, and a kitchen that is open all day. Both the pool table and the laundry used to cost a couple of quarters. In the past students had trouble finding and keeping quarters to pay for all of the services, O’Malley said. To eliminate one thing off their plates, many services became free and more accessible, O’Malley said.

The North/East building is only 11 years old, and there is still a bond being paid off until 2024. Each year, costs go down in every category of living on campus, and the rates have not been increased in years. There is no more room to lower any more of the costs, so to make sure things can be paid, the rates are going to increase by 1 percent, O’Malley said.

There have been a lot of complaints about the Wi-Fi speed and quality of connectivity on campus this year, which has affected the students in the Residence Halls.

“We want to make it more of a community for the students and studies have shown that students living in the residence halls are more successful.”

Shaun O’Mallley

Director of Residential Living and Student Conduct

“We spent a significant amount of money, about $57,000, to upgrade the Wi-Fi in the resident halls,” O’Malley said. “There are brand new routers all around the halls to optimize the Internet all around.”

Wi-Fi is a huge part of any student’s life and when it goes down, most students are not able to do the work they need.

The LCCC Residence Halls are also a place for conference groups in Cheyenne to stay temporarily. This summer, there is a total of seven conference groups that are scheduled to move in and out of the residence halls. One of the groups is the Cheyenne Frontier Day’s vendors, O’Malley said. Hosting different groups helps bring in extra money that can be used to help pay expenses and for some new things that can improve the Residence Halls, O’Malley said.

One more change being made to the Residence Hall — the new name for the complex will be Eagle Village. O’Malley said that he’s been an advocate for making the Residence Halls more community-based.

“So much goes on at the Residence Halls, not just sleeping,” O’Malley said. “We want to make it is more of a community for the students and studies have shown that students living in the residence halls are more successful — we want to help the students be successful.”

To kick off the name change next fall, O’Malley said he is planning a block party of sorts to welcome new and returning students. There will be food and many different activities for the students to participate in and get to know one another, O’Malley said.


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