Posted at 4 p.m. May 2, 2017

Many factors to be considered when renting apartment

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Knowing the difference between what you want and what you can afford is essential whenA looking for a first apartment. While looking for my first apartment, I came across difficulties that I wasn’t expecting. It was a long process that required careful planning.

Apartment hunters usually are looking for a place with a roommate or friend. But before you sign a lease, make sure to find someone who can be trusted. That means someone who has their priorities in line and can live up to the contract they’re signing.

Having a roommate that prioritizes finding an apartment over everything not only shows that they’re committed to the idea, but also that they are going to prioritize what needs to be done when you move in together. If the person you’re looking to room with is distant and doesn’t participate in looking and preparing to move, they most likely don’t even want to move in with you.

It is important that your potential roommate is friendly. Living with someone who isn’t nice or friendly can cause unnecessary stress in your living situation. When looking for an apartment, comfort is a major factor.

Cost is also a major factor as to whether it’s the right decision. Everyone looking for an apartment usually has a budget. However, some people don’t think to include utilities when thinking about their budget for rent. Most rentals don’t include electricity, water or Internet. This is where prioritizing comes into play.

Those looking to rent have to ask what’s most important. My roommate and I decided water and electricity were most important non-rent expenses to account for. Internet accesis important to us as college students, but until we can find the best deal on an Internet provider, we will hold off and get our Internet elsewhere.

The next financial decision that needed to be made was where we would get renters insurance. Luckily the apartments my roommate and I were looking at had an inexpensive solution. It’s always a good idea to ask the property managers whether they offer renters insurance.

Another important and perhaps unexpected expense that someone looking to rent needs to prepare for is buying furniture. My roommate and I decided beds and a couch were the most essential pieces we needed. Because of the abundant closet space, dressers weren’t a major priority for us.

Being able to look at what you need to prioritize and what is most important for a person’s individual living preferences is a major factor when looking at apartments.

Leasing an apartment for the first time is a major step into adulthood. Not only is it more responsibility, but it also helps a person to learn what type of person they want to be in life.


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