Posted at 5 p.m. May 8, 2017

Rodeo had 11 people sign on to continue their rodeo careers at other colleges in the fall

A story about the LCCC rodeo team that ran on page 31 of the May 2017 print edition of Wingspan was comprised entirely of results from a rodeo competition that had happened over a year ago. Wingspan apologizes for publishing the out-of-date information and will strive to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

The Laramie County Community College rodeo season has ended, and 11 students have signed to continue their rodeo careers at new institutions.

“I am very proud of what our rodeo student athletes accomplished this year,” LCCC Rodeo coach Beau Clark said.

The rodeo team members are very involved in on-and off-campus activities, Clark said.

“As people I am very proud of the work that the rodeo students did in the community and their effort to give back to the rodeo program and LCCC,” Clark said. “Students painted the arena, built fence so they could use the outdoor arena, volunteered to help with a soccer tournament, built crafts during Christmas for the Laramie retirement home and helped local people with projects like hauling hay or building fences.”

The rodeo athletes are also instrumental in making sure the Shaun Dubie Rodeo, held during the fall semester, runs smoothly. The rodeo is important for the team because it helps raise money for the Shawn Dubie Scholarship Endowment.

“The rodeo students put on our rodeo that they also compete in,” Clark said. “Can you imagine the University of Wyoming football players putting on a football game and playing in it?”

The work of the rodeo athletes can be seen in other areas as well. Athletes sold rodeo calendars to raise funds during the winter. Two rodeo athletes also participated in Student Government, Jordan Liley and Casey Van Natta.

“The rodeo students are not asking what can you do for me,” Clark said. “They are willing to give back and help build a program for the future student-athletes that will come to LCCC.”

The college rodeo season ended on April 29 but Clark said he is most proud of his students continuing their rodeo and educational careers at new institutions.

“I am most proud to acknowledge that our rodeo program is going to send 11 LCCC rodeo athletes all over the country next year,” Clark said. “Starting last fall we coached and encouraged our student athletes to consider continuing their education past the degrees they can earn at LCCC.”

Clark said the following students have signed to attend new schools or are planning to sign, respectively.

Anthony Green will attend Lake Charles Louisiana McNeese State University, Gage Greer will sign with the University of Wyoming or Chadron State College, Brady Joseph will attend Chadron State College, Kalane Anders will attend Chadron State College, Bailey Tibbs will sign with the University of Montana Western or Black Hills State, Bailey Hallam will attend Eastern New Mexico University, Jayden Johnson will attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Reed Johnson will attend South Dakota State University, Cameron Fanning will attend South Dakota State University, Doug Finney will attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Casey Van Natta will attend West Texas A&M.


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