Posted at 4 p.m. May 3, 2017

Wages for women directors rise above men

Of the 35 LCCC employees who are directors of a program or entity, women average nearly $6,000 more per year in annual income.

There are 12 men directors, and their annual pay is $66,647. The 23 women directors earn an average of $73,911.

“We haven’t really looked in to this in detail. Going forward, we may want to use this detail in the future. We look at fair, equitable, consistent wages based on the market and based on the position, not the person,” said Tammy Maas, the director of Human Resources.

“Our system is consistently fair and objective so that would be a promotional point for us,” said Bobby Baker, Human Resources specialist.

LCCC strives to have open recruitment with every job position, Maas said.

“I think it’s great that we are paid equally compared to the men. I do not think I really take personal pride in it though, I take pride in my work and the position I am at but not so much in terms of the wages,” said Ann Murray, director of Institutional Research.

LCCC uses a diverse screening and hiring committee when hiring employees. Committee members go through a formal training on what to look for when hiring.

“We train them on what to look for, how to be mindful of their own biases so they do not bring that into the hiring process,” Maas said. When hiring a director at LCCC, the committee members look at the position, the candidates’ qualities, experience and education and hire best person for the job, Maas said.

“I think this says that LCCC has been taken care of for a long time ago. There is no evidence we ever had a gender wage gap. That said we try to take care of our people and treat them equitably,” Murray said.

Successful directors will be strategic thinkers, committed to the quality, good decision makers, problem solvers, good communicators, committed to the culture, mission and goal at LCCC, Baker said.

“You have to be a good relationship builder,” Baker said.

“You effect the whole campus, you’re with everybody from students and parents to the foundation and community. So, we must be able to bridge all those gaps and establish relationships at all those levels,” Maas said.

Directors also must be service minded. Being a public institution, they need to have the desire to give back to the community that they live in and students. “This position needs to be services minded, not self-servicing,” Maas said.


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