Posted at 4 p.m. May 3, 2017

Classified, faculty salaries set by market

LCCC’s classified and faculty salary schedules are designed to set salaries at market value and prevent disparities in pay, LCCC’s human resources director, Tammy Maas, said.

The grade that an employee is hired at is established by the position. Employees are hired within that grade level for that position. Where the employee falls on the steps scale is determined by education and experience. Employees can also move up steps. LCCC has a program for employees to gain educational advancement based on courses they take and degrees they complete.

Wingspan reporters examined two job fields that fall under the classified salary schedule and found the following results:

There are 16 employees at the custodian I level; half are men and half are women. Men average $13.87 per hour while women average $13.23, which is a difference of $.64 per hour, which is not a statistically significant difference. At the custodian II level, there are four men employed and no women.

The average salary for custodian II is $15.13.

“Differences between Custodian I and II are in responsibility, span of control and scope of the position,” Maas said.

LCCC has 19 administrative assistant positions, and the average salary is $18.57 per hour. All are currently women.

For faculty, there are 57 women employed full-time compared to 51 men. The difference in average salaries is only $175 – men earn $55,371 per year while women earn $55,546.

The gender of the employees who work at LCCC are dependent upon the candidate pool of those who apply for the jobs.

“Our candidate pool is going to dictate who our job incumbents end up being,” Bobby Baker, Human Resource specialist, said. “If we have more female candidates, we would likely have more female incumbents.

A salary schedule is in place to prevent a wage gap between employees.

“The salary schedule is based on the market and not any particular gender. It’s based on what the market will tolerate and dictate,” Maas said.

The wage and step process is a means for which employees can base their income. “It’s a consistent, fair and established pay system. Employees can trust that whoever is applying for the same position they are getting, they would get the same amount. It’s not an arbitrary pay scale,” Maas said.


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