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Party Pony creates creates fun, festive atmosphere

By Jennifer Stogsdill

Click here for the Party Pony Neighborhood Focus video.

Just off College Drive at 1902 Avenue C in a cream-colored barn, the Party Pony is a unique celebration destination for young children.

The Party Pony, a Laramie County Community College neighbor, was opened about three years ago by Diane Sloan, a grandmother of five children, who said she saw the need for a place in the community where they could party.

"I started it because I was really frustrated with the lack of places for little kids to go for entertainment and parties," she said.

Brothers Shane and Kaden Baird, join to form a cavalcade while riding the Party Pony's 100-year-old carousel, which originally came from Coney Island in New York. The carousel came from owner Diane Sloan's personal collection, which she had prior to opening the Party Pony. Photo by Careyanne Johnson

The Party Pony provides many features for the perfect party for toddlers to early elementary-school-aged children. The main attraction is the huge 100-year-old carousel from Coney Island.

"The carousel was part of my personal collection. We didn't buy it specifically for the Party Pony," Sloan said.

There are also a jumping castle, a climbing mountain, a ball and beanbag toss, tire horse swings, swinging noodles to run through, giant balls, a bubble machine, an outside play structure, a funhouse mirror, dinosaurs and turtles for climbing, a foosball table for the older children and a place to hang a piƱata if the party hosts would like to bring one.

"I then provide the balloons and a special gift for the birthday kid," Sloan said.

There are also many options for refreshments, with a vending cart for snow cones, hot dogs and popcorn as well as a refrigerator and freezer where the hosts of the party can store food and a microwave and outdoor grill for optional cooking.

Priced at $100 an hour, the Party Pony is a thriving business, Sloan said.

"I average about eight parties a weekend. I figure that's a rough 1,500 a year," Sloan said.

Currently, the Party Pony is building an outdoor maze as well as adding some extra funhouse mirrors.