Local artist explores beauty of past in 'Winds of Change'

By Matt Rooney

Visions of the past:
A watercolor painting by Wanda Miller, left, expresses the elegance of a ranch home weathered with age on the prairie. Miller's artwork showcases the beauty of forgotten features in the Western landscape.

The ever-changing landscapes of Wyoming and the West will be gusting into the John and Ester Clay Gallery at Laramie County Community College.

"Winds of Change" will be held Nov. 9–Dec. 2 in Fine Arts Building, Room 129 that will showcase the works of LCCC art adjunct instructor Wanda Miller. The show will be all watercolor and ink pieces.

A reception for the artist will be at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the art gallery.

"I grew up on a ranch, and the lifestyle and the way of living are very near and dear to me," Miller said. A lot of the paintings are of the things that inhabit our landscape, she said. "Old cars, machinery, things that people just forgot, but still possess immense beauty."

But Miller said this isn't just about showing these things in a literal sense. Instead it's all about the meaning behind them, both for the West and the artist.

"I've gone through a lot of changes in my life—kids, a family—and I don't get to paint as much as I would like, but my eye for detail has grown much stronger over the years," Miller said. She has gone through that change in life but has come out better as a result. So has our beautiful landscape, riddled with objects and lifestyles of the past, growing more beautiful with time, she said.

That is the spirit of the show, and what led Miller to the title "Winds of Change." There will be a showcase of many new works from Miller as well as some borrowed and never before seen works from when she attended school.

"I have an attraction to the objects that I surrounded myself with when I was young, and I want to showcase their beauty to other people through art," she explained.

Miller also said there will be pieces of a floral nature.