Flag Raising
The Laramie County Community College chapter of the Student Veterans of America raise the American flag the morning of Veterans' Day, Nov. 11, 2011, at the LCCC north flag pole as part of the Veterans' Day celebration, right.
Photos by Shawn Havel, illustration by Jeffrey Pallak.

College clubs honor veterans

By Shawn Havel

To mark 11-11-11, Laramie County Community College’s Student Veterans of America raised the flag at 8 a.m. to honor fellow veterans across the country for Veterans’ Day.

President of LCCC’s SVA Tad Roccaro then held a moment of silence for students, faculty and community members before offering a prayer. Roccaro, a Marine Corps veteran, then spoke of the significance of Veterans’ Day to himself and offered his perspective in a speech to the public.

Roccaro said, “It takes days like today to look back on what you were a part of.”

He spoke of the history of Veterans’ Day, his experiences in the Marines and reminded the crowd why he and many others choose to serve.

“We do not get in the military for war. We get in the military to create peace,” Roccaro said.

Roccaro said it was a day to honor veterans and those who have died not only in the United States but also around the world and who serve for the same cause.