Holiday season frosted with sing alongs

Ring in and sing in the holiday season with the Laramie County Community College’s music ensembles on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Gary Hall, LCCC’s instrumental music instructor, described this annual holiday concert to be “a gift from the college to show off what LCCC has.”

Hall continued by describing LCCC’s Holiday Gala as a “musical smorgasbord” and said there will be a lot of variety, so the concert will be fun for the audience.

Dr. Judy Ransom, LCCC’s choral music instructor, said this concert is a tradition for the college and community and added she believed the college and community will look forward to this to kick off the holiday season because “it puts people in the holiday spirit.”

Because it’s so early in the year, the band and choir ensembles are still focusing on fall concert music and have yet to look at music for the Holiday Gala, but Hall said there will be a variety of fun music for the audience.

Ransom also said the music will be “well-known instrumental and vocal pieces” and added the audience may be invited to sing along at some point in the concert.

Too early to know who will be playing

Because the musical ensembles are still focusing on fall concerts, Hall said he cannot say specifically which ensembles will perform. He does know the percussion ensemble, jazz ensemble, wind ensemble, men’s choir and women’s choir will perform but other than that he doesn’t know for sure.

“It’s different every year,” Hall added, saying that in past years sometimes a clarinet ensemble, string ensemble and others have joined.

Hall said shared concerts are fun for everyone because they “showcase what the college has to offer."

The Holiday Gala will be free at the Cheyenne Civic Center at 7:30 p.m. Donations for the Comea House will be accepted.

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