Dancing food crunches onto stage

“The Lunch Box Lady” is jumping out of her book and onto the stage. Mabel, the main character, will learn how creativity and kindness conquer evil in this musical production to be offered by Laramie County Community College.

Christi Mitchell has gathered a group of 33 actors ranging from 6 to 60-years-old to give life to Mabel’s story. Mitchell said she is excited to direct this play because she’s one of the writers of “The Lunch Box Lady.”

The book started when Mitchell and her two sisters, Anita Mehus and her twin Annette Marsico, thought of the idea three years ago. Mitchell and Marsico created the story line for the book over the phone. Mehus created the images by hand using construction paper. Mitchell then typed the book and sewed it together on her sewing machine. Mitchell’s husband was able to publish the book through his company, West South Publishing. Some 200 books were printed, and since January, more than half have been sold.

Simple book, magnificent play

The Lunchbox Lady

Mandy Neely, Campus-Editor

In May, Dave Gaer, LCCC communications and theatre instructor, asked Mitchell if she would be interested in turning her book into a play. Because the book is for children, it was too short to be a simple play. So Mitchell created songs for the story to turn the play into a musical with help from Grant Dinnen and Amelia Giordano.

Mitchell created 33 parts once she had written the play. Before auditions began, Mitchell had posted information about the parts online. She was unsure how the auditions would go because the cast would all be volunteers. Forty people showed up the first night.

In the play, the audience will learn how to eat healthy food through the Good Food Group. The Junk Food Gang will show what types of foods to stay away from. Portion Pete will then show how portion control is also important when eating healthy.

Besides dancing food, Mabel, and her boss, the audience will also be introduced to Mr. Munch, cheerful bluebirds, the moon, cowboy boots, a unicorn, a half puppy/ half alligator, a half-eaten cookie and a lost shoe. Mabel’s flashbacks include her younger self, her mom and her dad. Mrs. Cruncherton also thinks back to her past when she was younger and living with her two mean aunties.

The first night of performance is at 7 p.m. at Laramie County School District No.1 auditorium across from Storey Gym on Friday, Nov. 2; it will show again at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3, 9 and 10. The play will have matinee shows at 2 p.m. on Nov. 3, 4 and 10. Tickets are $7 and may be reserved at boxoffice@lccc.wy.edu with payment at the door.


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